What is behind the water animals?

The water transition is often about technical questions. But there is more to it. We have developed a system that allows us to treat water as a product. It is provided as a service or purchased in bottles from the store. Water can be someone's property. We have also commercialized an essential part of our body and the environment in which we live. Due to this change, responsibility for water has shifted from the public domain to governments and companies.

We should see water as a companion again, like an animal you take good care of. To learn to deal with water differently each of the animals symbolizes the important water issues we face.

The water hamster runs in its water wheel to push water through the pipes. Help the water hamster by closing the tap more often. The water rhino loves frolicking in the earth, in your neighbourhood. Remove the tiles from your garden or create a rhino park together with your neighbours to give the water rhino some space. Which animal do you choose and why?

The Water Animals


The Water Hamster

The Water Hamster is a small and easy water animal. It doesn't need much and you don't need to adapt yourself to it. The favorite thing to do for the Hamster is to run in its little Waterwheel to push the water through the pipes.


The Water Cat

The Water Cat is such a easy water animal. It is mostly sleeping and doing its own thing. Best to install all the aspects inside your home so that the water cat can just eat, sleep and go outside whenever it wants.


The Water Pig

The Water Pig is such a lively little water animal. It loves to snack all the time and roll around in the mud. Its favorite snack is all the tiny leftover pieces in the water from your kitchen. Just be careful that it doesn't snack the unhealthy things.


The Water Alpaca

The Water Alpaca is a very excited and friendly water animal. It's favorite place is in between your plants or in your garden. It loves to hop through the rain in since this will make its water fur full and shiny.


The Water Cow

The Water Cow is a very thirsty water animal. It loves to drink freshwater outside and in return it will make sure you have a tasty meal as it knows where all the best vegetables grow.


The Water Rhinoceros

The Water Rhinoceros is such a big water animal. Its favorite thing to do is to roll around on the ground. It is like a massage for its dry and itchy skin therefore you will see it often laying on soil.


The Water Elephant

The Water Elefant is a majestic and friendly water animal. It very enthusiastic but also occasionally it can be very clumsy. It doesn't have any bad intentions but its size is simply not always practical, especially when it visits the city.


The Water Whale

Oh the Water Whale, it really doesnt want to do anything bad but just really enjoys all the things it sees on the land and would like to be closer.